A vampire from Promise's past, Seamus and Niko don't get along very well. He was once Promise's mate, and her daughter, Cherish, calls him Papa.

Seamus is an artist, and has a warehouse loft that is covered with his work. The paintings feature bright, vibrant colors.


Seamus is influenced by a scottish backgroud; he stands at 5'9" with broad shoulders and muscular limbs, and is "built with broad strokes." His wavy coppr-toned hair hangs in a club at the base of his neck, except for a small braid that hangs from his temple to his jaw. His eyes are tawney; whisky-colored, and he is said to be "a lion of a man." A shadow of stubble runs along his jaw.


Around the 16th century, Seamus, Promise, and Cherish were a family. He still cares deeply for Promise, and refers to her several times in as Moi Chroi, Gaelic for my heart.