Peris are said to be scions of angels and demons.


Peris are said to be half-angel and half-demon, though this isn't the case. Peris are in reality angels who have "retired" and have chosen to go native and live among the mortals of the world. They generally have short and terrible tempers. They possess wings which can be displayed visibly or inexplicably hidden, seeming to simply vanish. One example of a peri, Ishiah, who owns and runs The Ninth Circle in New York, is described as having a twelve-foot wingspan with white feathers barred with gold. His mood is often reflected in his wings; they are held high and proud as he surveys his bar or twitching and molting when he is angry or worried. Also, as he was a high-ranking angel before he retired, he retains some powers, such as being able to put on a light show, as Cal Leandros once said. It seems that the colors of the wing feathers corresponds to hair and/or eye color.


  • Peris can fly
  • They have terrible tempers

Known PerisEdit


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