A large grey bird, the size of a German Shepard, the Hameh are of Arabian origin. They have jet black talons that are 4 inches long andare filed to a point; said talons can punch through doors. Their flat heads tapers into a black beak with a yellow inside. These creatures don't waddle as you would expect a bird to do, instead they run down their prey, aiming for the throat while they do so; they can fly too. The sound they make isn't a squawk or a screech; it's the scream of a child.

Legend says they are born from the blood of a murdered man to take the life of his killer in revenge. In reality, they are born of their own blood, and attack whosoever their master chooses.

Blood is the only thing they can drink, the only liquid they can even touch; other wise they explode. Consequently, a good rain shower will get rid of them easily.

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