Delilah is a female werewolf living in New York City. She is a member of the Kin.


Delilah has white (silver-blond) hair and amber/golden eyes in both her human form and wolf form. Her vocal chords are not fully functional due to her low-breed nature. She has Asian features, specifically slanted eyes.

She has a tattoo necklace around her throat and a multiple-scratch scar on her stomach.


Delilah was first introduced in Madhouse where she helped heal Cal Leandros' wounded chest. She is the halfsister to Flay and aunt to Slay. She helped the Leandros brothers take down Sawney Beane. During which, her wolves guarded Georgina King. She attempted to keep a secret


Newest Delilah from:

relationship with Cal. However, once found out, she arranged for the downfall of her pack leader, and took her place as alpha.


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MH: page 97: "A stylized necklace was tattooed choker-style around her neck."