Charla Tae-Lynn is a supernatural being


She is described to look similar to Cal Leandros with pale skin, grey eyes, and black hair with a slight wave. She speaks with a southern accent.


Very little is known about her. She exibited a silver blue light shimmer when she appeared in Doubletake. And by author's confirmation Charla is/can transform into a blue dragon [1] and is Trixa Iktomi 's mom. [2]

  • The blue dragon (form) is described as: "A flying serpent with intensely blue scales, black wings, four taloned feet and legs curled under its body, a slender head with a sunburst of black spines and eyes that rivaled the sun at noon" (Doubletake, p220) Additionally, it breaths fire.

Additionally, Robin Goodfellow notes that she is much more powerful than Delilah, former werewolf booty call.

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