Rob Thurman Official CAL LEANDROS Book Trailer01:15

Rob Thurman Official CAL LEANDROS Book Trailer

The Cal Leandros Series, sometimes refered to as the Cal and Niko Leandros Series is a dark (urban) fantasy story by Rob Thurman.

The series is complete at 9 books.

The series has had one promotional internet video made for the release of book 6. See right.

The series has made the NYT bestsellers list ranking at #19.

The series is currently only available in mass market paperback, kindle, and audio version.

The covers of all books have been the work of Chris McGrath.


Order Book Title Release Date ISBN Number (-10)
1. Nightlife Mar 7, 2006 0451460758
2. Moonshine Mar 6, 2007 0451461398
3. Madhouse Feb 26, 2008 0451461967
4. Deathwish Mar 3, 2009 0451462629
5. Roadkill Mar 2, 2010 0451463196
6. Blackout Mar 1, 2011 0451463862
7. Doubletake Mar 6, 2012 0451464443
8. Slashback Mar 5, 2013 0451465024
9. Downfall August 5, 2014 0451465296

Other MediaEdit

Story Name Book Title Release Date ISBN Number (-10)
Milk and Cookies Wolfsbane and Mistletoe Nov 2, 2010 0441017622
A Grain of Salt Silver and Salt April 17, 2014 1499186932

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