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Caliban 'Cal' Leandros is a half-human and half-Auphe hybrid living in New York City.


Caliban has pale white skin, grey eyes and black long hair, which is usually tied back in a rat-tail. He usually wears shades (not much colours), T-shirts and jeans and/or a dark jacket. Has majority of scars, mostly seen around his neck, chest and abdomen. He's in good shape thanks to his brother, is aroun 5'10 and is average in weight aswell.


Caliban was born at home and raised primarily by his half-brother Niko . He is the son of Sophia Leandros and an Auphe. Throughout his life, he has been followed by them at a distance, until age 14, when he was taken to Tumulus. After 2 years in Tumulus, he managed to build a gate and escape to the human world. Cal and Niko avoided them by moving from place to place, eventually settling in New York City.

Cal's behavior is normally brash and impolite but has never acted in selfish ways towards others. He is willing to put his life on the line for the ones he cares for; in Moonshine he was willing to sacrifice his own life to save his brother and Georgina. He is untrusting of anyone other than his brother. Later on Robin Goodfellow he also started to trust, but not in the same amount as Niko. He also has a little thing for George, but couldn't risk her life due to his own. He bares several quirks due to his time with the Auphe. Some of which include: the ability to speak their language, dislike of cold, sleeping clutching a weapon, and believes himself to be a monster. Because of his sire's heritage, he has the physical capacity to build gates, move incredibly fast, be incredibly strong, sensitivity to smell, softer-boned making him a little more flexible and is immune to the majority of diseases.


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During his stay in New York City, Cal has held two bar jobs. He also works with Niko and Promise in a detective/investigative agency that focuses on the supernatural.


Cal has several fake identities, whose names parody those of Hollywood monster movie villians.

  • Calvin F. Krueger
  • Calvert M. Meyers
  • Calhoun J. Voorhees

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