Imagined to be a singular creature, the Black Annis is actually a race of beings that look similar to an elderly-woman. They aren’t identical, but look enough like each other to pass for duplicates; as a group they wear ragged black shifts. They seem to be sentient, as they can speak English well.

They move like centipedes with “freakish speed,” have long, thick fingernails, and dark black gums behind blue lips. It’s not only the lips that are blue, their flesh is too, but appears grey in the moonlight.

When the stomach of a Black Annis is cut open, the stomach reveals a writhing mass of snake-like creatures; these creatures seem to be a cross between a worm, intestines and barracuda teeth. They are ropey and drip with intestinal fluids, and have the teeth of an adolescent crocodile. These creatures have not yet been given an official name.


  • Jumpers – Black Annis may look like frail old women, but they are able to jump at least 30 feet.
  • Dense Bones – The spine especially is hard to break.
  • Teeth and Nails – Long fingernails and saw-like teeth are able to grab onto you a lock in place if you’re unlucky enough to get that close.

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