Basilisk is the second book, or sequel to Chimera by Rob Thurman.


For as long as he could remember, Lukas Korsak was someone else. Taken as a child and dubbed "Michael" by the Institute, he was transformed into a Chimera--capable of killing with a single touch--until his brother, Stefan, found him and rescued him three years ago. They've been planning to go back to free and cure the children they had to leave behind ever since.

Now their time has almost run out. For the mad genius who created Michael has also created something even more formidable. A being who can kill with a touch...a glance...even a mere thought.

The brothers must find out if this new Chimera can be stopped. If its insidious plan can be averted. If Death itself can be cured.

This new breed of killer doesn't think so--and its thoughts are the kind no one survives.

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Artist: Aleta Rafton


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